Convertion of vector coordinates to JPEG file

Hi All,

We are going to implement a project in which we will be receiving vector coordinates which we need to convert to an image file possibly a JPEG file.

Request you all if any one of you have worked this sort of assignment.Appreciate if you share the challenges and experiences that you faced during implementation.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I’m not worked about that but is very interesting. I’ll follow this post to learn. Thanks.

Although this is not related to wM, but a generic question, if you talk about SVG I know only but never played with it.


You mean its not possible to implement using wM?

Hi Deepu,

I already did that : the solution I choose was wM to send data to a PHP website thru web services.
It’s working very well and it’s used on daily basis on production w/o troubles.

Alternatively, you can think using SVG as suggested by other participants, or better, HTML5’s canvas if your users are using decent browsers (ms-IE excluded) : They are both texts based so a simple JAVA service can generate graphics as complex as you want.

Side note : for a future evolution of my application, I’m thinking of using Canvas but still thru PHP. The design is better as ISes are only focusing on businesses whereas graphics generation, users interfaces and such satellite activities are externalized on this PHP web site.