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1.sender sending douments at TN to reciever,here document is not recieved by reciever side so at the time how to check the problem and how to resolve problem after finding.
2.Document sending to trading network suddenly document will dropped due to some issue or error then how to trace the error i mean which log wearing this kind of issues.
3.How to find and resolve the connectivity issues.
any body have sollution please reply.

Hi When iam running IS i was getting error so unable to access the webmethod developer.please find the attached Dcoc
please give me the sollution for this issue.



I suggest you to re-install and start over.

Hi Mahesh,
ok i was done reinstallation many times but not yet resolved again same problem was coming.

what is the wm developer user name and password by default.


If you IS is not up and running you cannot access developer.

You can try the below user and password to access developer:



I see your wM version is 7 and you are installing this on Windows. Are you installing this as a service or application?

Iam Installing service

Please let me know the webmethods production support environment briefly with issues and sollutions or please suggest me if any links about production support environment of webmethods 7.

Hi Vasu,
Is this message for me :lol:

@ Vasu
Can you try installing as application. Just a try… I have never faced this issue before.

Hi ,
Can you give me the clarity of translator in webmethod developing process,i mean where we have to use translator in map developing process.exaty what we have to do for mapping i mean tranmiting or tranlating in webmethod developer.

Hi Vasu,

When you say

“translator in webmethod developing process” - Are you talking about “Transformer” in a MAP step?

“what we have to do for mapping i mean tranmiting or tranlating in webmethod developer.” - Do you want to do some data translations from one form/format to another?

Can you provide a brief picture about your requirement?

My question is what we have to do using webmethod i mean data coversion(translating one format to another format) or simply input data transmiting to reciever side without data format change.

if using of webmethod for data conversion,where will exatly conversion occur in developing process.


webMethods is capable of doing data conversion/transformation and you can send it to receiver systems with or without conversion depending on your requirement.

For data conversion we have many built in services or you can write your own flow logic to implement this. Integration server should be taking care of this as developer is just a client component.

If you still have doubts please feel free to contact me on my email address to discuss further on this subject :slight_smile: