SVG capabilities

I want to store svg images in the Tamino database. I need to have the capabilities to both view the svg as an image AND query the svg as an xml document. I have only been able to do one or the other depending on how I store the images (XML/non-XML). Is there a way to do both?


We are doing it for a few days and hope ths attached files can help you.

The attached samples are:

A pure SVG file (rect2.svg) that can be visualized using Internet Explorer (with Adobe’s SVG plugin). This file can be loaded into Tamino collection “ino:etc” (so you don’t need a Schema) and viewed using HTML file (teste3.html).

Second example refers to a pure XML file (RegistroGeral_2.xml) that also can be loaded into Tamino and be seen with a Stylesheet (geraHtml_RegistroGeral2.xsl). Use file (RegistroGeral.html) to see what the output is going to be.

Let us know if you need any help. (50.6 KB)