how to load image in xml database

Thanx for thr earliar reply.

I want to load non xml data such as image in xml store.
I also want to know how to retrieve it.

In Summary…
1. Define a single-Node schema.

The Node must have…

Object-Type - For non-XML objects, the value must be ANY (meaning the Node can contain any data).

Search-Type - For non-text objects such as graphics, use Search-Type=“No”. For text objects you can use Search-Type=“Text”. The objects are then text-indexed.

Map-Type - nonxml

Save the resulting schema to your file system.

Define the schema to Tamino.

2. To store a non-XML object using the Interactive Interface

Set the Tamino database URL to the full path of the target as follows:


where filename is name you wish to give to the non XML object within Tamino.

With the cursor in the Process field, browse to the object you wish to load and choose Process.

3. To retrieve a non-XML object, you can then refer to it’s name directly e.g


…also check out the thread “Retrieving Non XML Objects” in this forum started by Rajpal.

Retrieving Non XML Objects

Hi I am looking for a example of how to store images in tamino without writing a lot of code.
The question is, is there a short way of doing this like we currently use the process command in a browser to store xml strings…


The Java APIs and the Active X API both support the reading and writing of nonXML data to Tamino

Ok that wasn’t actually the answer I was looking for … does this mean that that it is not possible to do it with a process or post command but only by using active x ect…

Do you want to upload NonXML into Tamino using a web page?