NonXml objects and Tamino DB

I was testing to store and retrieve single non-Xml objects from tamino as it is refered in the documentation. Single node schema, type Any…
I store the nonXml object with the Interactive Interface without any problem but, when trying to retrieve this objects from the ddbb i found that i was able to work with jpg’s, gif’s, Xsl’s without problems but whenever i tried to retrieve a Pdf or a Flash file from tamino they came corrupted , as if not all the object was properly stored.
Did anyone experienced something similar.
Thanks in advance.

The Tamino Interactive Interface relies on IE to reckognize the nonXML file and send the correct mime type to Tamino. Tamino stores that mime type, and upon query will deliver the document with that mime type back.
This works for the formats you mentioned. To get other formats working, load them with a loader that reckognizes those files correctly.