Tamino and large NON-XML Documents (e.G. Word)


I experienced that with large documents (here about 10 MB msword) the import via IE5.5 needs a very long time (longe than a 10 MB XMl document from the same client)?
I tried it from different clients.
Did anyone else have this experience, too?

Hi Martin.
I’ve done some tests with large nonXML objects, jpg images 12.5Mb. I could not see any time difference within getting the image from the Tamino Db or directly from the file.
The problem i have is that i cannot retrieve properly any nonXML object appart from plain text and images. It looks as if the DB is not storing/answering the content type for these objects. I am using an intermediate servlet to determine the content type function of the ino:docname extension but looks quite unsafe.