loading a large XML file

I try to load a 110MB XML document into Tamino using Interactive Interface, but can not achieve that. Is there a upper limit in terms of how large of a document could be added to Tamino db ?

Could you please post the error message that you are receiving?

Knute Hestness

Is it really one document in terms of Tamino?

After waiting for a long time, ‘the page can not be displayed’ error is shown in the bottom half of the Tamino Interactive Interface.

110 MB document is the output of an XML generator program.

Generally it is not an excelent way to work with Tamino using 100MB documents. Tamino is much more useful with many small documents that confirm the same schema. Of course, total size of all these documents can be greater than 100MB.

I think you should reconsider your schema.

The next problem is that you want to load 100MB of data in the same transaction (Interactive Interface sends all data via one POST request). It demands a huge journal and patience to do this.

Take a look at XML Data Loader Utilities.

Ok, so what if i already have a 100Mb document i have recieved form business partners? Is writing a SAX program and splitting this file into chunks is my only choice?

And another question - if there is practical limit on how big of a document tamino can handle then what is this limit? And where is it documented?

It depends on queries you will run after you load the document and how often you gonna update it.

But in most cases it’s easier to toil once and split 100MB document than wasting time in each query.

But of course there could be some exceptions.