error-message if xml-docs > 30MB

i receive always an error-message if try to post xml-documents larger then 30 MB. my machine is nt4.0 sp6 256MB true RAM and 512MB virtual RAM.
i made a snapshot of the response-message, see the attachment.


sorry for shooting in the dark, your error message .gif has not been released by the moderator.

You might experience a limit in your webserver’s implementation of the HTTP-POST command. There is no explicit upper boundary to the size of one post request in the RFC, but your server might just as well have one.

Sorry if this is totally of the point.



I don’t have any help to offer, actually, I’am here to seek advice from you guys.
I’m trying to perform similar benchmark testing of loading large documents into Tamino.
I mainly use NT O/S, with IIS 4.0 web hosting, Tamino, on Pentium III, 500MB memory, plenty of disk space.
So far, the largest XML document I was able to load into Tamino is about 6MB document. (I try both the HTML Interactive Interface and the Java Loader utility.)
Any document starting from 10MB or larger, I get the same 8701 or 9291.
Rafi, since you’re succeeded with loading document up to 30MB in size, can you tell me how long does it take to load, I assume you use the Interactive Interface ? Do you have to make any custom configuration changes to Tamino of Web server ? (like buffer spool size, journal size,
number of XML thread, session .etc. ??? What web server are you using ?

I’am running IIS 4. Where can you find the upper limit restriction of HTTP post request like you suggested.

Thank you guys

hi thang,
the problem is not the webserver, it is definitly an error that occurs if you try to post a document up to 10 MB beneath one collection.
if you try to post any document larger 10 MB make sure that your allocated containers are large enough, 1 MB data needs 10 MB allocated space.
i’m running with an apache 1.3 the hardware is below your details. take time, it needs more then 30 min. on my machine.
greetings rafi
hope it helps