using an xslt generated by stylesheet designer with tamino

Hi all

i want to display an xml file ( without using passthru) on a browser using a .xsl generated with stylesheet designer.
the problem is that to generate the style sheet i processed like that.
i took my crodss.tsd on xmlspy5 and generated a .xsd
then i used the .xsd with my xml doc in stylesheet designer to generate the .xslt
but the display doesn’t work…why?? because the structure of the file displayed by tamino is different ( there is an ino:response root and an xql:result)i tried to modify my stylesheet but it didn’t work yet then i try to use the xml file displayed by tamino ( with the two elements response and result) to generate a new .xsd with xmlspy ( for creating a new stylesheet) but there’s an error…

Can someone help me? (some of the different files used are in “using an xslt with tamino” topic in the schema editor forum)

Hello yacine,

I believe that Uli has already explained the solution to your problem in the thread on the Schema Editor forum (here).

I would like to try and explain some of the issues around this problem to try and clarify matters…

Tamino does not actually display anything - it just returns some document(s) to the client.
The response to a query can potentially contain multiple documents (or no documents!), so Tamino wraps the results in the ino:response and xql:result elements to ensure that a valid and well-formed XML document is returned to the client.

If you know exactly which document you need to access (you know its ino:id, for example) you can access it directly. Using this method, because only one document will be returned Tamino will not wrap the document in ino:response or xql:result elements.

For example, if you are issuing a query that looks like this:

     http://localhost/tamino/test/AccessList?_xql=/AccessList[@ino:id=1]</pre><BR>You will receive an ino:response document to this, because of the reasons described above.<BR><BR>However, if you issue this request instead:<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">     http://localhost/tamino/test/AccessList/AccessList/@1

You will receive just an AccessList document - without the ino:response / xql:result elements.

If you want/need to convert a Tamino Schema Definition (TSD) to an XML Schema Definition (XSD), the easiest way is to rename the .tsd file to a .xsd file.
A Tamino Schema Definition is an XML Schema already. All the Tamino specific information is stored in xs:annotation elements (you could consider this to be equivalent to storing information in comments).
The current Tamino Schema Definition Language does not support the complete XML Schema specification - but if you are going from the TSDL subset to XSD there is no problem.

I hope this is helpful. If you are still having problems with the XSL, please let us know.


thanks for this exhaustive and very interesting answer :slight_smile:
i done something with renaming directly the tsd to xsd:o)but doing conversion tsd->dtd->xsd seems to be more conventionnal non?:slight_smile:
i have now a new TSD with elements for persons and for contracts of the file , then i want know to display the file like i’ve already done but with two icones ( or maybe hyper text links??) fro persons and contracts, and then with a pushing on it, i want the person or contract of the file displayed with it…
Can i do this with a unique .xsl?and just with xml+xsl technology ( it means without javascript and things like that)
see attached file of .xsl and an exemple of .xml fro it
FDOSS.tsd (28.8 KB)

the .xml example…
doss5.xml (1.3 KB)