How to use XSL stored in TAMINO?

I stored xml and xsl in Tamino, I can query them seperately, but how can I apply the xsl to the xml-query-result?

Below is the url I used, it displays the same as it does without the _xslsrc part.



Is it neccesary to use the PasTruServlet when using a xml-compatible browser?
If no, how should my url ans xql look like to apply an in Tamino Stored XSL to my XML?

If yes:
I installed the pastru servlet and it works when i test it, but when i want to test it with my own data it does not work with this URL what is wrong?


Yes I think you need the pass-thru servlet if you want to apply a stylesheet to the result of a Tamino Query from a browser.

Have you tried using a full URL to your stylesheet in the query:

http://localhost/servlet / styler/tamino/MyXMLDB/EmployeeCollection?_xql(1,5)=Person&_xslsrc=http://localhost/tamino/MyXMLDB/ino:etc/xsl/Person.xsl

If this doesn’t work, what exactly happens?

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I have 1 question.
When I’m trying to store XSL file in Tamino I receive doctype “xsl:stylesheet” in “ino:etc” collection (you receive “ino:etc/xsl/Person.xsl”).
I’m using Bookstore.(xml,dtd,xsl)files from Tamino X-Studio examples.

What am I doing wrong ?


PS. Pass thru servlet doesn’t work!