Hoy to display img in server on html img tag

I have imgs in C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\server\default\temp\DemoCRUD in the server machine.

What is the path for it if I need to use a html img tag?

error in console in html page:

GET http://hosthere:8585/meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/temp/DemoCRUD/Asistencia1.png 404 (Not Found)

You should make the image part of your custom app by placing it under the WebContent dir or another subfolder of it (e.g. DemoCRUD/WebContent/images/Asistencia1.png). Later on, it should be accessible via the URL: http://hosthere:8585/DemoCRUD/images/Asistencia1.png

Hello, thank you so much for your reply.
The fact is I upload this images there with input file.
I have a upload images form and save them here C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\server\default\temp\DemoCRUD.
Its possible save these images on DemoCRUD/WebContent/images/ in app execution?
Im affraid I have to deploy this images inside the project for see them in execution, have I?,

Yes, if possible - these images should be part of the application itself, before it’s deployed to MWS.

Hi. These images are upload by final user as part of UI application on CREATE view, like upload their profile picture, for example.

I have a second view that read and show that you create before on CREATE view.
In my read and show I have to show this picture.

my_portlet_app.zip (12.1 KB)

Uploading a sample project, which demonstrates how you could dynamically display images for each user. To test it:

  1. Import it in SAG Designer and upload it to MWS.
  2. Copy an arbitrary png file to C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\server\default\temp\DemoCRUD and name it ‘sysadmin.png’. Just for the test.
  3. Log in MWS as sysadmin and go to Folders > System > Portlets > my_portlet_app > my_portlet.
  4. The image from step 2 should be displayed.
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