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Hi All, is there a way to add an image to an Output Template/Template source in Designer? Im just trying to add a success image with png format.
This success image is placed where my DSP code is located. I also tried a different image and different browser but it is still not showing.
Note: This image is working when I tried a simple html outside webMethods designer.



< img src=“success.png” alt=“Success” >

Thank you so much! Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Checking on the Inspect browser, it is failing as 501 Not Implemented.

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Detailed explanation of the problem:

Adding an image to a success message after a service been invoked. Image is not showing as expected

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

When I checked in the browser, it is failing as 501 Not Implemented

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

This is for webMethods version 10.7

Take a look at the any of the many DSP pages that comprise IS Administrator. Those will show the paths used in the DSP and the location on disk. You can mimic the same for your package/page.

Hi Reamon, thanks for your reply. Yes, I added the image in the package where my service is located. On the DSP it is working, but when Im using it on the Output Template or Template Source in Designer, the image is not showing.

Note: I placed the image where the html output source is located.

To add, I tried an images from browser and it is working. However, when I placed it on our folders, its not working.

The path when the page is returned as a response will differ. If you’re using a browser as a client when invoking the IS service that is returning the HTML as the response, use the debug/developer mode of the browser to see the URL path it using to retrieve. That will let you know where to place the file, or how you may need to change the src attribute to refer the correct URL path.

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