Display jpg files on jsp page via Applinx 5.2.5

We have a need to display jpg image files in a Natural application that is web-enabled with Applinx 5.2.5. Since we are front-ending the application with Applinx, we need to come up with an efficient way of showing these on the jsp pages. The Natural Application would selectively choose the image files for display, so they can be different each time.

It was suggested that we have the Natural program place the jpg names on the screen, say within a gx.table, and then use Applinx to place these on the page in an statement that would allow them to show. Also, maybe use the individual field names from the table instead of a gx.table using a gx.span.

One problem is how to actually build the statement to have these jpg names imbedded for the display.

Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation such as this, or do you have any suggestions that may be cleaner, easier, or workable?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hello Joe,

ApplinX framework provides user exists to change a table display dynamically. You can find an example in ApplinX documentation of using the function gx_changeControl for setting an image tag onclick event dynamically with the user address in each row.

in your case you need to set the tag with attribute src instead of onclick

Note: this example is taken from 8.2 documentation but this functionality is also available in 5.2.
In addition I would highly recommend to upgrade to newer version as 5.2 is out of support.

Hope it helps,

Hi Assaf,

With a little adjustment and a lot of caffeine, it worked just fine. Thanks for your assiatance.