1 mainframe fields spans into 2 other fields

Prospect want to combine mainframe screen with information from Unix DB2 database (e.g Chinese name and the staff photo based on the English name field from mainframe).
For a mainframe 's secreen return the employee’s English name returned, prospect want to add an extra field ‘Chinese name’ and a photo where ApplinX will examine the English name and then do a SQL query SELECT on this Unique identify to the Unix DB2 database with the unique identify English name.

I check the manual but cannot find any relevant info. Please kindly advise.

I think you would be able to satisfy the requirement by adding the database query call in an appropriate user exit - which exit exactly depends on what platform you are using (.Net or Java) and whether you have a table of employees per page/screen or just one to display.

That is, from the ApplinX point of view you are just looking for where to modify the data being displayed on the web page. I don’t think this would be achieved through a transform, but through a generated code-behind.

Thanks for reply.
It is Java and 1 employee / screen.
Could you point me to ApplinX how to use UExit to acheive this.
I just wonder if customer would accept we need to modify generated code such as JSP.
They are using OPAL which SAG suggest to replace due to no support.

I’d probably generate the screen (JSP and Java code-behind) and use the gx_postFillForm user exit in the code-behind.

Something has to be update in the JSP: you need to indicate where the photo and Chinese name are going to appear on the web page since neither of these elements exist on the host screen.