Populating mainframe table data in ApplinX 5.2.5

I am facing problem in populating table values. I need to consolidate few screens and in one of the screen table is present. I am able to collect table data by creating and store data into a business entity in a path procedure. But I am not able to display the data on the consolidated JSP.

Can anyone please tell me how can I populate the table data while doing consolidation of screens?

At the same time how can I extract values from a jsp and assign the values to a Business Entity which is a input to a path.

I am using ApplinX 5.2.5.


Dear Kumar,

Please see an example of what you are trying to do in the 5.2.5 complsiteDemo application in the procedure called TryCollectPropsals and look for the referring table entity (right click the procedureĂ find referring entities), the browseProposals.jsp contains the table filled with this path.

It deals exactly with the same problem –consolidating the screens with the table.

The answer for your 2nd question (extracting the values from the jst and assigning them to a Business Entity), afraid this feature was implemented for version 8 and above . You could use a path based table for that as business entities were only used for SOA purposes.

Path based tables are considered deprecated entities, meaning they will be supported on the later versions (8+) however you will not be able to edit them unless you do some conversions first.

Hope it helps!