XQuery And Graphics

Hi to all,

I have tamino database withTamino WebDAV Server, Apache tomcat -servlet container and now I search some values from tamino DB with my JSP- page. Search JSP-page working very well, but now I try drawing curve finding values and that’s very problematic…

My JSP-pages using XQuery -language, Anybody know how its possible
drawing curve using XQuery -language(and JSP-page)?

Thanks all answers!

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It’s not clear from your description what you’re trying to do. Do you want to generate a graphic in your JSP page based on the result of your query? The easiest way to do this is to generate SVG for the graphic. This implies that your client is using a browser that supports SVG (Firefox 1.5, for example.)

Hi, and thank’s your answer.
Thats true, I make one xquery -question from “search.jsp”(JSP-page) to Tamino database and result of my xquery I try generate graphics.

Ok, connection from “search.jsp” to Tamino database working very well, but now my problem is what is easiest way generate graphics? But, maybe this SVG -technique is good for me. Do you know any good SVG-example page ?

thanks your help!


Here’s a SVG Tutorial from W3Schools.com. A Google search should turn up others.

It is not JSP solution, Orbeon presentation server (Open Source project) is a good framework to render XML as you want and capture XML using Xform

Check this url out: www.orbeon.com

About your question see:



Many Thanks all. Now I have one SVG-graphics web-page. Only one small problem…
I wondering how I can use datetime value with jscript-language?

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