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X-Application Version: 3.1.3
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1
Is there a way to run a tag when a special event happens?for example have a query on tamino when we choos an item from a combobox


Jsp tags are evaluated on the server when the page is requested. The jsp source is compiled into a servlet and this is executed. The output is sent to the client browser. So if an event now happens on the browser (like selection from a list) it’s too late to start resolving or executing jsp tags.

So there are a few different ways you can address this:

1) You could script your query using the Tamino JScript API, and trigger the script using the “onChange()” event on the selected control. This all happens client-side, so it doesn’t allow you to use the xapp jsp tags.

2) You could completely resubmit your form using a similar script, to make the browser reload the page. This in turn would cause all the jsp tags to be re-evaluated. You could pass the user-selected value in a hidden form field, and use that field to control this second evaluation.


I developed an application with X-application and I want to have the following functionality :
I have a list box that shows some ids and when I select an item from this list I want that the information about this selected id are displayed in the form below this list in this page :
my list ===> ,


Is there any available application to implement such case ?



I don’t have an example for you. I can just give a scetch for two possible solutions:

A) The selection works on client side. Then, you have to create a JSP that creates a Javascript record which contains all information. The select event could use the record to fill the content of the HTML page. A request to the server would not be necessary.

B) You could work with two frames. Within the first, the selection sents a form (request) to the server for getting the selected document. The content of the requested document is displayed within the second frame.