Can I use X-application to perform multiple queries on the s

I am developing a JSP based web application ,which helps the user select a particular product. It is a product configurator or a wizard, and I want to use X-application for this. Thsi involves performing queries on the same result set so that the search narrowes down for the user, for e.g.: If i want to buy a car, first I select the type: say a Sedan, so from Tamino, i query for all Cars of type sedan, now I want all Sedans that cost less than $15,000 ,so now i have to perform such a query. And at each step i have to remember the last query. Can anyone help me do this with X-application?
Also can X-application be used for cell phone based web sites?


it sounds like ?query refinement?. It?s an interesting use case, we have currently not addressed with X-Application. We will it have in mind for our further development.

But, how you can implement this ?query refinement? currently.

My proposal is to use java script, hidden input fields and embedded java code to process query request parameters. The idea would be:

  • Send a query page which contains input fields for the query elements as hidden fields. The fields the user get are ?dummy? fields. With a java script method invoked when the form is submitted. The values of the displayed fields are copied to the corresponding hidden fields.

  • For the JSP page which is invoked when the query is submitted, you should embed java code which scans the request context and generates the hidden input fields for the next page as a copy.

If this way is acceptable for you and could be realized, could you post your solution to this forum? As long as we do not support this query refinement, I am sure that there are other X-Application user who can profit from your solution.

If there are problems when implementing it, sent a new post.



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Thank you for your understanding.