JSP with Xalan to Perform XSLT


I would like to use JSP with Xalan parser to develop a web application with Tamino as backend database.

After reading abit, it seems that I must definitely have the Tamino passthru servlet installed in order to apply XSL transformations to results from Tamino? How about X-Application? Would I definitely need that too?

Is there any way I can still develop a web application using JSP with Tamino without the passthru servlet & X-Application? I’m not sure exactly what other options I have, or whether JSP is the way to go. The web application is rather simple, just to be able to do retrievals & updates to/from Tamino.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


The pass-thru-servlet provides a way to be able to query Tamino and style the result of that query into some result. With the pass-thru-servlet you are able to specify which processor you wish to use (e.g. Xalan).

If you use JSP then you can use Xalan to perform the stylesheeting but this will mean developing the code yourself, so from a reuse point of view it may be easier to use the pass-thru-servlet rather than the alternative which would be to use the Tamino Java API and Xalan.

Since I do not know your application requirements I cannot say if X-Application would be applicable here. X-Application produces JSP pages and provides a taglibrary for building web applications that typically insert/update/modify document(s). If this matches your requirements then X-Application would be beneficial.

I hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Thanks for the information. Can you advise how I can use the Java API in my JSP to do a query to Tamino & perform XSL transformation on the result from Tamino?

A simple example would really help, if possible. Thanks.

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