passthru servlet and tamino forms

Hello to everybody
Well first of all, I hope this is the correct forum to my question.
I developed some tamino forms who makes querys and insert/modify xml documents in tamino.
To change its appeareance and made it more friendly I transform that using xsl stylesheets.
All of that works fine with ms-internet explorer, but when I try this with other browsers don’t work. Then I install passthru servlet to make the transformation of the tamino forms with xsls on the server. At this moment the pasthru servet is working. I mean that if I invoke a query directly in the browser (ie, mozilla, konqueror etc) the transformation is made and html is returned from the server.

The problem is what in tamino forms I have some forms that referred a xsl by an htlmlreq for example there is on (simplified):

ino:id :

When I push the ADD button a new property is added (to a RealEstate collection, document property) and the success (or not) document returned by tamino is tranformed by the XSL3.XSL stylesheet if I use IE6.

I would like to do the same with the passthru servlet but I don’t realize how can I invoke or do it. In other words how can i “say” that tranformation will do it in the server side.

thanks in advance for the replys, and sorry for my terrible english


The passthru servlet can handle POST requests as well as GET requests. You need to ensure that the URL constructed from the various fields in the HTML form is directed to the passthru servlet rather than directly to Tamino, and that it contains all the required parameters for the passthru servlet, for example an _xslsrc parameter to define the stylesheet to be used to process the result. These parameters can be supplied in the form of hidden input fields.

Michael Kay

Hi Michael, first of all thank you for your reply.
I try follow your guidelines, but I couldn’t perform the transformation.

I made the following changes to the initial part of the form. The original form was

(rest of the form)

and I change to :

(rest of the form)

The operation is done but the tranformation not is done.
I think this is because the Passthru servlet don’t recognize the _HTMLreq parameter and simply pass all operation to tamino. But if this is true, how can I “say” to passthru servlet to take the xml form returned from tamino to tranform it?
Any ideas ?

Greetings from Uruguay

Some notes
Note 1: The input for the _xslsrc must precede the _HTMLreq because this one asummes that all the following fields apply to himself

Note 2: The http://localhost:8088 is because I am working with apache in this port

Note 3: In this case the form is designed to make an “add document” operation. In case i desire to make a query the basic change is to change the value _PROCESS to _XQL

Note 4: The form i put in this question is no real, but i think is shorter and clever than the real case. Anyway if someone prefer I can put in the forum the tsd file, some data, and the real xsls

Note 5: In the initial answer I forgot to describe my environment.
Operating system Windows 2000 advanced server
web server - Apache 2.0.43 win 32 on port 8088
servlets - Tomcat 4.1.27 on port 8089

I’m afraid I’m out of my depth on this: I know a bit about the passthru servlet but I don’t understand anything about Tamino forms or the significance of the _HTMLreq field. Perhaps someone else can help?

The _HTMLReq parameter refers to the “Tamino Forms Handler” but the _xslsrc parameter refers to the Passthru servlet. These are two totally different and separate things.

The forms handler is part of the Tamino server and is a command that is issued directly to it. It does provide the provision for creating simple forms for document creation and querying. With this it is possible to instruct Tamino to include a XSL processing instruction (which IE understands) as part of the XML response document. The documentation states that the forms handler is only available for the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The passthru servlet on the other hand is a separate software component provided as a java servlet. Basically it accepts two parameters, _xql containing some query and _xslsrc which contains a URL to some stylesheet. The servlet then issues the request to Tamino and styles the resulting document using the stylesheet. The result (usually HTML or XML) is returned to the caller. This is purely for styling query results.

It sounds to me like you need a variety of forms (e.g, create, display…) but require the flexibility at the server end for styling so the client only deals with HTML. I think for this task Tamino X-Application may be beneficial. See for more information.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Thanks to both. That’s help a lot. I confuse among xql from _htmlrequest, and xql from passthru servlet…
Anyway is a pity that we couldn’t transform the output of the forms handler at server, because are very usefull for small maiteneance and querys (and prototype).
I will see the xapplication now.