Where is the PassThru Servlet?


We have recently upgraded to Tamino 4.4.1. I wanted to reinstall the PassThru-Servlet for XSL-Transformations but I could not find it anywhere in the Developer Community Site, only some pages with empty contents. So, where is it gone? Has it been substituted by some other mechanism? At least, I could not find something in the documentation as well…

Thanks for any hints,


Hi Ben,

the passthru servlet is obsolete. With XQuery, you now have a mechanism to apply XSL transformation right in the server.
Please refer to the Tamino documentation (SerializationSpec in XQuery 4 Reference Guide)
where you can find the following example:
{?serialization method=“XSLT.transform”
parameter=“stylesheets” parameter=“stylesheets/patientRecords.xsl”?}

{ for $a in collection(‘Hospital’)/patient
return { $a/name, $a/sex, $a/born, $a/address }