cannot get passthru servlet 4.1.1 to work.

I have tried to use the new passthru servlet v4 and configured it to use Xerces and Xalan. If I issue a URL of the type:


then I just get back the XML document. There is a message in the Tomcat window saying:

Pass thru the Tamino Filter without transformation

So this is telling me what I am seeing: the xml without transformation. How do I get this to work?

If I try absolute URLs for the Tamino XML document and the stylesheet, i.e.


it works. Any ideas?

Very strange, Stuart.

The message seems to indicate that it’s failed to recognize the _xql parameter in the URL. I can’t see any reason offhand why that should happen. What’s the exact URL that you’re using? Can you try some variations on it, e.g. changing the order of parameters, changing _xql to _xql[], changing it to uppercase, etc?

If the trace option is on, then all parameters in the URL should be logged. What does the log say?

Michael Kay