Control Number Validation


I want to do a control number validation(duplicate checking and sequence verification) of inbound 850 document at group level.
The EDI module Users Guide mentions that it can be done by setting the EDITPA variable ControlNumberManagement/duplicateControlNumberAction variable to true.

I just can’t figure out how to set this variable? I can’t seem to locate it in the default TPA.

Any ideas?

I believe you are using WMIS/TN6.x.

I have checked it in the TNConsole6.1/Agreements section.

"ControlNumberManagement/duplicateControlNumberAction=set to true(default value is false) and Actually this is located in the TNConsole/Agreements section.Click on the default TPA there in the AgreementDetails further down you will see the ControlNumberManagement structure.


I am looking at the default TPA, but the only nodes I can see are GSRouting, delimiters, envelopeIdentifier, ICheaderInfo along with 6 other variables, the values of which I am able to modify. I do not see any AgreementDetails or ControlNumberManagement structure. I also checked in the TPA IS doc type wm.b2b.editn.TPA:EDITPA and is not there as well.

Do I need to run some service/ extra steps to enable it? BTW, I am on version 6.0.1

I doubt whether 6.01 have this setting,i have looked into 6.1 console.
But if the documentation of 6.01 says then that it should exist.

Please contact WM tech support for quick resolution in 6.01.


This feature is not supported in 6.0.1
6.1 has this feature. I was looking at the documentation of 6.1

Thanks for your help

Glad to help.