FA control numbers not being created

Hello. Has anyone run into this issue?

We are currently autogenerating FAs based on the property set in the default EDITPA. We are assigning control numbers based off of the inbound transaction that we are acknowledging. We would like to assign control numbers based using the EDIControlNumber table in TN, but for some reason, it is failing to create the control number for our FA group type. So, when the FA is created the GS06/GE02 is blank. It seems to me that the logic would create an entry in the EDIControlNumber table if it doesn’t already exist, but it’s not doing that.

We have no problems, however, with the control numbers for our regular outbound transactions.

Make sure your TPA matches with your incoming data.

Right now, we manage all of our inbound documents with our default EDITPA (basically for autogenerating FAs and splitting). We only have partner-specific TPAs for our outbound transactions? Why would we need partner-specific TPAs for inbound, as well?