Control Numbers in the EDITPA

Here’s something that stumping me.
In wm 6.01 in there are a number of functions to manage control numbers. The one thing I can not seem to figure out is where you actually input the control number you want to start at.

wm.b2b.editn.batch:getControlNumber starts the number at 1 the first time you supply it with a new sender/receiver pair but what if you want to start at a specific number if you are migrating from another piece of software and want to keep you control numbers in sequence?


Take a look at Chapter 5 in the EDI/TN Users Guide. There are instructions for adding control numbers that imply you can set the current value.

The control numbers are maintained in the WmEDIforTN webpage. So whenever you introduce a new trading partner for EDI dodcument exchange, the system looks in the EDI TN webpage and creates a new control number sequence if it does not exist and starts using them. The EDITPA control number is not of much use in most cases as some of the services that webMethods uses like ‘EDI Batching’ make use of what is stored in WmEDIforTN webpage and not from EDITPA control field.

Also, another point to note is : EDI Batching uses partners internal ID as key values to store the control number. However, if you notice the recommendation within WmEDIforTN webpage, it suggests using External ID as key values. And getControlNumber service takes in External ID to retrieve the control numbers. It is also easier to maintain from the user point of view as opposed to using the TN Partners Internal ID. We raised these issues with webMethods and they have agreed there is a mix up in their logic. Hopefully it will get fixed soon so that all services uses only External ID in the WmEDIforTN Control Number webpage.

Hope it helps