Control Number Best way


I am new to edi world …what is the best way to manage control number . ISA,GS and ST have have control number fields . Should i maintain 3 diffrent control number sequence or use same control number sequence to fill all three

gurus …please share your expertise



Matt, if you’re batching doc’s, you will have to use a different control # for the ST group than for the ISA or GS since you may have multiple transactions per group. Typically the ST control # starts with 1 and is incremented by 1 for each ST. If you have a scenario in which you have multiple GS groups within the same ISA, you would have a different control # sequence for those as well. If you’re using trading partner agreements, you can set the ‘ctlFromTPA’ to true when you execute the addGroupEnvelope or addICEnvelope service and wM will automatically generate the ISA/GS control #'s. This is probably the easiest way to handle.


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If you dont use EDI TPA functionality then follow this way.

WebMethods EDI will automatically generate the ISA/GS control #'s sequentially when you use the addGroupEnvelope(initialize the input param “grpCtlNumber”),addICEnvelope (initialize the input param “ctlNumber”)and you can also customize this format (max length is 9) using pub.string:numericFormat service and set pattern(000000000).

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I am using the wm.b2b.edi:convertToString to create an X12 transaction set. But using this service also puts an incremental ST control number at ST-02 and SE-02. This is fine when I would run my flow in Production, but for testing I need to have a specific value at ST/SE-02 so that I can run my flow service through a set of test-input/expected-output files.
I don’t want to hardcode the ST/SE-02 values because that would mean changing the service before it is migrated to prod.
Does anyone know what is the soure for the ST control number, so that I can update it to a desired value (expected value -1) before I run my flow service for any test file ?

Does anybody have a solution for the situation described above ?