Setting ST Control Number

Is there a way to set the ST Control number in convertToString like you can for the Group Control Number in addGroup or the Interchange Control Number in addEnvelope.


Additional question.
Are ST control numbers unique? It doesn’t seem so to me.


With respect to the latter question, ST numbers are meant to be unique, but it is up to the sender to make it so. For example, we use the record key in our database to not only assure uniqueness, but to make it easy to track down the origins in event of problems.


I’ve verified that the ST Control numbers are in fact unique.
However is there a way to set the ST Contol Number on an outbound EDI document.



I’m not trying to be flip, but you set it the same way you set anything else in an EDI document. You have a record structure in the pipeline based on the specific EDI template, say an 850.

You then map your unique value into ST02 prior to converting it to the EDI format.

sometimes you just need to look at the trees and not the forest.


How do you get the generateFA service to create unique control numbers within the ST segment. In the Envelope segment the control number of the inbound (850) envelope is used, but what about the transaction level. Right now it is only using “00001”.

so If I understand this thread correctly, there is NO way to set the ST control number outside of manually coming up with some unique number generator??? If so, that’s is really weak, WM should have provided the ability to set the control numbers at the partner and txn level just like you can the Interchange and Group… I should not have to build something custom to get my numbers…


you can set the control number on the TPA or you can set up the partnership on the wmEDIforTN home page select Control Number.


Thats not working for some reason. When I use convertToString, I get the following string. Im using an outbound invoice as my example:


for the life of me I cannot foigure out where that 291523164 number is coming from. It is NOT set in the Control Number panel in the WmEDI page. You can set envelope and group numbers, NOT txn numbers from what I can tell. If you know a way, please share it… After adding the Int and Group env’s I get this string(i removed irrelevant data)

ISA00 00 ZZ734862TL 08925485US00 0404291533U004030000000411P>~

the 41 i see defined and incremented OK… its the ST02 value that I cannot determine how its generated…


Pull the the control number before you pass Idata object to converToString. If the ST02 is empty convertToString will populate it.



Can any one tell me how to make the ST control number a one up number inside the GS and when the GS changes, the number should start from “0001”. Also the length needs to be 4 digits.



To make 4digits format you can use the numericFormat service listed in the WmPublic package under String folder.



If you’re using 6.x, the batch EDI process will create the ST control numbers as you describe. If you’re not using 6.x or the batching process it provides, then you have to do the work yourself.