Control Number pattern - how to avoid duplication

I’m quite new to WM and EDI so please tolerate my question if it’s too obvious for you.

During the processing of a flatfile we create a lot of EDI documents (one for each line) which are sent out after the creation.
The problem is the ControlNumber field is created using wm.b2b.edi.util:controlNumber and the standard pattern is .
The problem is sometimes we have more than 999 documents within a minute and it causes a duplication as incremental three digits goes over 999 and starts from 1 again.
It’s also a problem for us that the partner keeps documents over the month and we run the batch by scheduled task every day at the same time, so it happens that in case of the same minute of run the control numbers are doubled over the month.

Is there a solution to avoid it? Can the pattern of creation of control numbers be changed on WM administration level?

Thank you in advance for help!


You have option on EDI Admin Home page under “manage control number”, on that option use control number CAP and control number increment.

Check out the documentation if you need more information on that.


You’ll want to avoid using wm.b2b.edi.util:controlNumber altogether. It is insufficient in a number of ways.

The manage control number info devexpert provides applies when using control tables. This is done by specifying true for the “ctlFromTable” input to the add***Envelope services. By using control tables you’ll avoid duplicates and follow what is pretty much universal practice–control numbers for each group type and interchange and each partner increment by one so that partners can detect if they’ve missed a document.