Skipping of InterchangeControlNumbers (ICN)

Has anyone else experienced an issue with ICNs skipping numbers ???

We are using wm.b2b.editn.batch:getControlNumber with the following values set:

TNsenderID - TNInternalID
senderQualifier - not set
TNreceiverID - TNInternalID
receiverQualifier - not set
standard - UNEDIFACT
update - true
prodMode - Production
version - not set

We are finding that the Control Numbers (ICN) generated are skipping numbers inconsistently (EG: ICN 4415, then the next ICN generated can be 4417 or 4421, the largest skip of numbers I have seen is ten).

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this ???

This may be due to the value of the “Control Number Increment” which can be found on the WmEDI homepage - Manage Control Numbers".

Yes, we’ve checked that and the increment is set to one (1). Interesting to note is that this is only occuring for one type of our Purchase Orders which are the only ones which recieve POAs and ASNs… Our other type of Purchase Order does not appear to be affected by this issue does not get a corresponding POA or ASN.

Perhaps the control numbers which are being skipped were used by functional acknowledgements. How are you generating FA…automatic FA generation via TPA or by invoking generate FA?