Connectivity from 9.5 IS to 10.1 UM


We are having issue in connecting to 10.1 UM from 9.5 IS using JNDI/JMS.
Configured JNDI alias with proper realm details, also created custom java code for the same but similar issues observed in both the cases.


[Client Setup:28402] [com.pcbsys.nirvana.server] - UserManager: <<9.5>> server being closed without clean up due to unexpected throwable being raised : Unsupported messaging version requested
[Thu Jan 10 09:32:19 EST 2019] [Client Setup:28402] [com.pcbsys.nirvana.server] - Unsupported messaging version requested

Could someone please do the needful at the earliest.


You can try to copy UM clients jars from 10.1 installation to IS 9.5. The jars name will be starting with ā€˜nā€™ (nAdminAPI.jar, nClient.jar, nJMS.jar etc) and will be in common/lib directory. If this appear to work, you will still need to check documentation or ask Software AG support whether this will be supported.

UM supported limited cross-version client server compatibility. A proper support, I think, started only from UM 9.12, and IS 9.5 that internally uses UM 9.5 client jars is definitely not supported out of box. However, some pre-9.12 combinations were supported via the jar copy solution. The exact details can be obtained from Software AG support.

Hi Aejaj,
Integration Server 9.5 did not yet fully support Universal Messaging so I would suggest that the best route forward is to update your IS then move to UM from Broker. You will likely need to do some planning to understand the latest capability for Integration Server as well as look at the Migration Guide to help with the Broker to UM migration.

All supported combinations can be found in this document:

And there is a link to the migration guide :

I hope this helps.

Regards, Jane.

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