Can 9.12 Integration server talk to lower version UM (say 9.9)

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Can the integration server of version 9.12 connect to 9.9 Universal Messaging server?


Yes, it is possible. you need to have compatible UM libraries placed on 9.12 Integration Server. But you need to make sure whether it is officially certified or not.

As already mentioned, it should work fine, if you copy the UM 9.9 client libraries (nClient.jar, nJMS.jar and nAdminAPI.jar) and place them in the common/lib directory of your IS 9.12 installation.
But this combination has not been officially tested by Software AG and is not officially supported.


Jonathan ,

Also will not get any support from SoftwareAG incase of any further issues on this setup correct? (as it’s officially not supported)


Yes, Software AG support may decline to help if you face any issues.

I’ve another question,

it’s possible to federate different realm server ( example 9.12 and 9.8 ) with Enterprise Manager?


Can we install and configure UM 10.3 on 9.12 Integration server ?

The officially supported inter version interopabilities are documented here:

Everything else may work but is on your own risk.

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