Universal messaging and upgrades.

Are different UM versions compatible with each other for federation and joins and zones?
For eg If we have 2 UM 9.9 realm servers in a zone and we want to upgrade in phases to higher versions ,will the 912 UM servers and 99 realm still work?

It looks like Higher IS Versions can talk to lower UM version ,but its not supported by SAG.

I believe that SAG should focus on ensuring it does because-

Most customers have large webMethods environments,often connected together using Gateway/joins and territory/Zones.
During upgrades a lot of customer opt for a phased upgrade option where there may be multiple versions of IS/UM in the same environment.

Right now …a lot of customers are either upgrading or moving to UM or both
Customers on broker currently have an easy path(for now) as the Broker remained frozen on 9.6.
They can move there ISs to higher version in phases while remaining connected to the 9.6 brokers .and once their ISs are upgrade d they can move to UM in one shot.

However after that,in their next upgrade cycle if the different versions of UM and ISs cannot talk to each other,this will kill the phased upgrade option.
The big bang approach is very tough sell for most customers IT dept.

With the upgrades becoming a calendar fixture ,its important that customers remain confident about upgrade plans that work for them

Penny for your thoughts

Hi Varghese,
it is currently not supported to connect multiple different UM versions with zones or joins. You are right that this is an important requirements for customers with large landscapes and it is currently being worked on. So expect improvements in that area next year.

You can connect older versions of IS to newer UM versions, if you copy the newer version UM client libraries into the older IS installation directory. Several such combinations are tested and supported. Please check the relevant (older) version of the IS Admin Guide for details. (Note: these do get updated from time to time, so always check for updates on techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation).

good stuff …thanks Jonathan