Configuring and working with Local service development feature in webM Deisgner 9.6

Hi Frnz,

We are looking to implement local service development feature with VCS as GIT.

Can you please help me on basic things which are required to start using this feature. Also plz provide some advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rama,

are you able to download the appropriate parts with Installer for this?

This is not included by default but needs to be requested separately from the SAG License Team.

There are already some threads in the community with details about configuration for GIT-VCS.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply.

I have installed that feature and able to see the option. Here i have gone many of the discussions but i am little bit confused with the process.

My Questions are

  1. If suppose i am creating a new package and i want to commit with my GIT. Here i am just right clicking on Package and CreateLocalServiceedevelopmentProject. What is the next process?

  2. Now my package is synced with VCS. All my changes will save automatically in VCS?

  3. Suppose in the same package two developers want to work and shouldnt loose their code. What is the approach in this case?


Hi Rama,

each Developer needs its own Installation of Designer and will have to checkout from GIT initilaly to his local workspace.

When creating a new project this is not automatically under VCS control.
You will have to commit/add this project to VCS initiallly after creation of project.
Any changes made after initially putting the project under VCS control need to be commited when they are stable enough to share with your colleagues.
See either perspective “Team Synchronizing” or the context menu → sub menu “Team”.

When your colleagues submit something to VCS you need to update your workspace with these changes if you want to use them in your Local Service Development. Informations about perspective and context menu apply here too.

As long as your colleagues are not working at the same folder inside the package they should be able to work independently and check in / check out the appropriate Sources. Becomes difficult as soon as services like java are involved as locking one java service in one folder locks all java services in the same folder as the folder serves as the class by JVM meaning and the services are only methods.
All these services will be compiled into one class. If there changes from different implementator at the same this might cause conflicts or compilation errors when merging them together for compilation.

See “Working with Local Service Development” Guide for further informations.

If you want to test the combination of all developments together you can publish/upload the projects to a central (remote) development instance and prepare deplyoments to higher environments (i.e QA, Production) from there. This is important esp. when Local Service Development is done on Windows and target environments will be hosted on i.e. Solaris to see if all is behaving correclty even on the other platform type.