configure VAN, that is hosting the AS2 connection on behalf of two different partners.

Hi all,
im trying to connect to VAN that is hosting AS2 connection on behalf of two partners, the first partners work ok, but now I got a second one with the same VAN, these wont work.

first I try to create a new partner profiles, receive these error…
Error encountered invoking Error encountered adding profile to the database. (0) java.sql.SQLException: A EDIINT AS2 ID of ##### already exists in the database. External IDs must be unique. .

second I try to add another mutually defined to the same partner profile and another user defined 1, but no luck at the time I use the command I keep receiving the first partner that I was already working but not the second new partner in there VAN I receive.

anybody can help me with these how to solve I will appreciate any suggest you have.

can you please guide me how you did connectivity with AS2 VAN? where did you define url of AS2 to fetch and submit edi transactions?