Inovisworks, commerceHub AS2 connectivity

Hi All,
i did read user guide of WmEDIINT module, but i didn’t find away to set up AS2 connectivity with VAN providers (Inovisworks, commerceHub)

how i can pull and push transactions to these networks using WmEDIINT module? i did setup partner and TPA but i don’t know where to put urls of AS2 providers?

please help.

Hi Bassem, for pushing to the AS2 network, the URL is entered via the Partner Profiles>Delivery Settings tab (in wM 8.2, anyway). We deliver both to VAN and direct to partner and are handling them the same.

Thank you Mary,
what about fetching transactions from VAN AS2 network ?

I don’t think AS2 has a Pull mode.
But VAN do. So check with your VAN provider.
If it’s VAN for Pulling, it’s not using AS2, it’s normally using FTP.