Connection to VAN using HTTPS

Is anyone doing EDI with GXS?

I need help from this forum who all have knowledge in VAN connectivity.

I am able to connect to VAN using FTP without problem but the requirement is to connect using https from security reason. I could not find a way to do that using EDI packages.

Is there a replacement for VAN.VANConnectivity:getFromVAN and VAN.VANConnectivity:putToVAN which are using FTP/FTPS to use HTTPS?


Is there a replacement for VAN.VANConnectivity:FTPConnection which is used by the previous two services do perform the connection?

appreciate you response.

If it is via HTTP/S then you should use AS2 protocol connecting to that VAN via AS2 (uses HTTP/S) and check with them if this is what they are expecting EDI transmission route.

And request your VAN provider on the AS2/HTTP connectivity details and setup for testing etc…

WmEDIINT package does AS2 message transmission.Review the EDIINT Module user guide for more information on these services EDIINT:send and EDIINT:receive before you start developing the services and TN setup.