please tell me where I can get free mailbox in VAN for testing

Dear All,

I am learning EDI. I want to use service getFromVAN, but I have no account in VAN, where can I get one from? Thanks advance



I don’t know if there’s much point in practicing connecting to any (that is, don’t care) VAN, as different VANs use different methods for document drop/pickup. There’s so much to learn about EDI formats and messages, VAN connection is fairly negligible in terms of technical knowledge…


Basically there is no free VAN’s avail for testing sort of etc…Regarding VAN providers they are many in the business world like GXS,SterlingCommerce,Cleo,Inovis,DINET etc…

The VAN service in WM is nothing but a ftp service that transfers EDI documents to VAN mailbox connections (drops/polls),so you can stimulate the same thing uinsg client.ftp services.