VAN Connectivity With INOVIS

Anyone done VAN connectivity with INOVIS?

Right now we’re using their TrustedLink software. We’re migrating to a webMethods solution now. INOVIS is recommending that we use their OnRamp s’ware to connect to the mailbox, but I’d prefer to use webMethods’ VAN connectivity to avoid vendor lock-in.

Anyone have any advice or gotchas to report? Is this a straightforward process to set up? Thanks - MOD

Please type “onramp” or “inovis” in the search box to locate related information. There are many previously discussed topics on this.
Good day.

Hi Yemi,

I did do a search. “INOVIS” brought back six responses, all of them having to do with mapping and none having to do with VAN connectivity. “OnRamp” brought back 35 responses, but they were all about Ariba’s OnRamp s’ware. Is that a generic name for a product that’s used by Ariba, INOVIS, and others? I’m ignorant.

In any case, I’m not seeing much information about VAN connectivity.



I have not worked with Inovis but based on my experience as long as you can ftp to the VAN you should be able to duplicate, customize and register the VAN.VANConntivity:putToVAN service in WmEDIforTN:VAN folder. I had to do it to connect to Sterling.

Good Luck.


I’d appreciate if you could share anything you learn about connecting to the Inovis VAN in this thread. I haven’t looked into it yet, but it’s something I’m planning on doing this coming year.