Connecting to VAN

I need to connect to partner through VAN and exchange EDI. Can anyone let me know how to connec to VAN and get EDi from them and send it to TN?

Review the WmEDIforTN users guide.
see. VAN.VANConnectivity:putToVAN
This is supposed to work with GXS out of the box but I’ve heard differently. For other VANs you will have to customize accordingly


I have gone through the docs you have refereed to . It seems we have to create public queues and delivery service in TN and use VANFTP delivery service. Can you guide me in this? How to log on to VAN and get docs from the queue ?
Also how to customize the service?
Any help is appreciated


Start with following the directions in the manual.
For specific instructions on connecting to your VAN read your VAN connectivity guide.
All the VANFTP service does is issue FTP commands. Those command are wrapped around get task services.
But you need to have a general understanding of FTP, and your VAN. Then read the section in the wmtn users guide on public queues.

That should get you going. If you need specific step by step help then we can talk off line about that.


Hi Raja,

I use a customized VANFTP service to connect to GXS, to retrieve data from it.

As Chris points out, best way to go about will be, going thru your van provider’s guide and then understanding the VANFTP Service and identify if it can work as it is or would it need any changes.


As an alternate, for most VANs now, you can login as a regular FTP Account and retreive and put data.

I have used this approach before and found it took lesser learning. Let me know if I can be of more help…