Community- user assignment


As part of our project, we have internal users (configured via LDAP), we created an internal community for this type of users.

We would like to automatically assign these users to this community.

At the portal level we just have the means to assign users one by one, which will take a lot of time in our case.

Can you give us a tip to make this type of assignment (portal, script, webM service, …)?

Best regards,

In Community edit view you can select multiple users and assign to a community.

You can also do it via a command line utility located in $$SoftwareAG103\API_Portal\server\bin\work\work_apiportalbundle_s\tools\bin

y-tenantmgmt.bat assignUser
The following options are required: -ag, --affectedGroup -au, --affectedUser
Associate user with user group
Usage: assignUser [options]

  • -ag, --affectedGroup
    Name of affected user group
  • -au, --affectedUser
    User name of affected user
    -p, --password
    Password of editor
    Default: superuser
    -u, --user
    User name of editor
    Default: superuser

affectedGroup - is the name of the community
affectedUser - is the name of the user.