Onboarding a user to private community in API Portal 10.4

webMethods API Portal tutorial

From API Portal 10.4 release, administrator can configure the list of communities other than Public community to which a user can on-board during registration. In the tutorial, we will see how this can be achieved.

1. Login to API Portal as Administrator and go to Communities.

2. In communities page, create a new community. Example: Docker community.

3. Go to "Administration" page, expand "Configuration" section and click "User registration" link.

4. Under "Provide default communities for newly onboarded users" section, search for the newly created community and select it.

5. Click "Apply" button to save the changes.

6. Sign-up as a new user in API Portal and login to API Portal.

7. Go to "Communities" page. The signed-up user is on-boarded to both "Public community" & "Docker community".