Command central upgrade

Good day!

I have recently migrated my command central using following command using sudo access(not as root user) -d /opt/sag/wm105_cc -H XXXXXX -c 9090 -C 9091 -s 9092 -S 9093 -p manage -P ‘asdsanj(asda#’ --accept-license > install_cc105.out
I dont see any errors in my output file.
But when i start cc, i see it as
Checking is started…
Software AG Command Central Server 10.5 (not installed) is running: PID:2897, Wrapper:STARTED, Java:STARTED

why is it saying not installed, how do I rectify it?

Thanks in advance!

The substring is generated by the internally used Tanuki wrapper. The wrapper has its own logic for checking if there is a registered daemon. However, there is an additional logic on top which handles these checks and is used with higher precedence than the generic Tanuki one.
Shortly said, please ignore the “(not installed)” substring. It is already removed in the upcoming 10.7 release.



Thank you Serafim_Karparov :slight_smile: