Command Central Issue

Hello All,

After we successfully installed CCE and configured it, the dashboard was successfully showing the JVM threads,
system memory, JVM memory as expected. But after that we moved the installation to another directory (MWS box).
Since then the dashboard is not showing any details also neither any alerts are coming for high JVM threads or memory. Please find the attached screenshot. The message that is coming on the dashboard is,

“Monitoring not supported for this component”

Kindly help with any information.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

what do you mean by “we moved the installation to another directory”?
How did you do this?

Jonathan Heywood
Software AG Product Management

Hello Jonathan,

I meant to say that earlier we had installed CCE in one of the Integration Server box. But later we uninstalled from that box and installed in the MWS server box. So the MWS box have MWS ,SPM and CCE , the IS Box have SPM,IS.

But after this installation we are getting that message and nothing is showing on the dashboard.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee