Command Central 10.5 Update from Product Management

Hi all,

I would like to present some of the major new features that Command Central released with version 10.5

Command Central Initial Set-Up

Product provisioning with Stacks & Layers

Recreating environments in Command Central

Angel Tcholtchev

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Hi Angel,
Could you please help me with information about how to install and set up CCE in window 10.

Manoj Kumar

@Manoj_Kumar2, please find doc link to install Command Central on windows

cc-def-release-fixnumber-operating_system.exe --accept-license

cc-def-10.3-fix1-w64.exe -d c:\sagcc -p $uperCCAdm1n --accept-license

Thanks you, Gyan Awasthi

I am able to setup the CCE now.

Manoj Kumar

@Manoj_Kumar2, good to know. :slight_smile:

Hello Awasthi,

Im having trouble in installing CC in linux. could you answer this
Command central upgrade.