Installation steps for CC


Please let me know installation steps for CC .
By using CC installation for Integration server and UM.

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Like with the old installer you have two options:

  1. Manual installation via CCE GUI
  2. Automated, using scripts (here also known as Composite Templates)

What’s your preference?

Hi Venkat,

CCE is kind of all in one Installer + SUM that be triggered parallel on multiple installation

As Holm mentioned, there are generally two ways.

  1. Manual from the UI
    - start by installing the SPM on a remote empty host with the bootstrap installer.
    - add all SPMs in Command Central
    - Navigate to the installations tab(the one next to the instances)
    - click on a target SPM that represents an installation and then navigate to the Products section
    - click on the “+” sign and install products with the tree known from the Installer
    - In the select products tab you can also click on the gear an select “Auto-select same as…” which will eventually copy a selection of a installation on this SPM.
    - A HUGE difference with the installer is, that the manual installation does not create an instance automatically. To do this, after the product installation finished, navigate to the next tab “Instances” and create an instance of the product for those who require it - IS, UM, MWS - there you assign licenses and specific instance settings like ports, etc.

  2. The second way to install an environment is via automation. You can create an environment representation in YAML descriptive format and apply it. This can have full description of - one or multiple product installations with their products, instances, fixes and configurations - e.g. you can directly provision two ISes, connect them in a cluster and wire them with a separate UM instance.

Information about those YAML templates can be found

Keep in mind that investment in the automation is meaningful only if you have a landscape larger than 10 nodes.