Coming Soon: Important Updates for webMethods products

We are working on changes to Software AG Installer and Software AG Update Manager to ensure that customers who have webMethods and other Software AG products installed in the same installation directory, can continue to get fixes and updates for their products. We are adding support for Java 17 runtime with webMethods 10.15 products.

If you only have webMethods products in your current root installation folder, then the separation of installation folders below is not applicable to you.

Key Updates:

1. Separation of Installation folders:

In the coming weeks, for those with webMethods, EntireX and ApplinX products alongside other Software AG products such as Apama in the same installation folder, customers will be required to separate their installation into two distinct root folders — one exclusively for webMethods, EntireX, and ApplinX and another for other Software AG products. To achieve this, customers will need to uninstall individual products and reinstall them in separate root folders. For example, if a customer has Apama installed along with webMethods products in the same root folder, the customer will need to uninstall Apama and reinstall it in a separate root folder. This measure will help streamline updates and minimize conflicts between different product installations.

The updated Installer client and Update Manager will work with version 10.3 and later versions. There are no changes for older versions.

These changes will not have any impact on customers who only have webMethods products in a root folder or other Software AG products in a separate root folder. With this update in Installer, customers will be able to create a new installation with only Software AG or only webMethods products, but not both.

These updates on Installer and Update Manager will be released by the end of June.

2. Support for Java 17 Runtime with webMethods 10.15

We are excited to announce upcoming support for Java 17 runtime with webMethods 10.15 products. We want to ensure our customers get the latest security updates and fixes on the JRE.

We will release the Java 17 runtime via suite wide fixes in July. Once released, all future fixes on webMethods 10.15 products will require and only work with Java 17 runtime.

Customers who do not apply these suite wide fixes will continue to use Java 11 with webMethods 10.15. Once the latest suite wide fixes with Java 17 runtime have been applied, customers cannot use Java 11 runtime for webMethods 10.15 products.

Note: webMethods AgileApps will remain on the current Java platform until the end of Q3. We recommend not installing Java 17 updates on other webMethods products in environments where Agile Apps is used to avoid compatibility issues.

We plan to share more details on the SUM and Installer changes as well as guidelines to help with making this a seamless transition. Please contact Global Support for further questions at (online support center).