Longer support for webMethods 10.15

The Java community is undergoing a disruption with Oracle transferring the ownership of Java EE to Eclipse foundation. The Eclipse foundation which is the new owner of Java EE has now renamed it to Jakarta EE and has a mission to make it the chosen framework for building Cloud Native Applications. As a result, there are several changes to the underlying standards/specifications which comprise Jakarta EE and this impacts many open-source software built on top of Java EE. These open-source software are in the process of adopting these changes and it will take some time for changes to stabilize and achieve compatibility amongst them.

Software AG is currently evaluating, assessing, and proactively working towards supporting the latest changes. However, this has impacted the schedule for the next release of webMethods since our products use some of the open-source components which are currently undergoing these changes.

As a result of these changes to the next release, Software AG is extending the maintenance of webMethods 10.15 by two years and will provide a full five-year support for webMethods 10.15 products. The exception to this is if you are running webMethods products on AIX and z/Linux. Due to the unavailability of support from IBM for the JVM after 2025, we cannot support customers running webMethods products on AIX and z/Linux for the extended period. webMethods 10.15 will be the last release where we support AIX and z/Linux. We encourage our customers on AIX and z/Linux to migrate to one of the supported Operating Systems for webMethods.

Here are the new dates for webMethods 10.15 products:

End of Maintenance (EOM) for webMethods 10.15 is October 2027
End of Support (EOS) for webMethods 10.15 is October 2028

If you are looking to upgrade your webMethods products, we highly recommend going to webMethods 10.15. Please note that the official support for webMethods 10.15 and underlying open source and third-party components is contingent upon support by their respective vendors. If the underlying open source and third-party components are no longer supported by their respective vendors, Software AG’s support will be limited to commercially reasonable efforts to resolve customer issues or answer customers’ questions.

Software AG is committed to our customer’s success, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this.

Software AG Product Management