webMethods OneData End-of-life October 2028

Dear Customers,

As part of the strategy of Software AG in recent years to focus in the areas where it is a market leader such as Integration & API Management, active feature development has stopped in the Master Data Management product of OneData. As you might be aware, the effort in the last few years has mainly been about supporting the ongoing Master Data Management implementations and use-cases.

As the next step on this topic, Software AG announces the retirement of OneData on October 31, 2028, and version 10.11 will be the last supported version for the products.

We have a number of major customers who are using webMethods OneData for their business.

Given this input from our customers, the Software AG Product Organisation has made the decision to extend support for webMethods OneData until Oct 31, 2028, for maintenance-paying customers.

The Product Team stands by the recommendation use the latest version of OneData – 10.11 to get the maximum period of support.

If you have further questions, please contact the associated Software AG account executive.

Frequently Asked Questions

webMethods OneData End-of-life in October 2028

OneData will reach its end-of-life in October 2028

The latest GA version OneData 10.11 will have End of Maintenance Support till Oct 2024 and then customers can sign up for Extended Maintenance Support every year until needed, up to October 31, 2028.

This will give customers enough time to migrate their implementation to another Master Data Management solution, since Software AG is not offering an alternative to webMethods OneData. Software AG will provide the necessary support in making this migration as smooth as possible. This document answers the most frequently asked questions about the end-of-life of webMethods OneData.

What is the last version of webMethods OneData?

webMethods OneData 10.11 were released in October 2021, and to date have been identified as the last version of webMethods OneData. With the extension to the end-of-life of webMethods OneData, the decision has been taken to release refreshes to webMethods to fulfil our commitments for the extended maintenance of these products.

Will Software AG continue to fix bugs found with webMethods OneData?


Will Software AG provide any enhancements for webMethods OneData?

No, Software AG has stopped new feature development for webMethods OneData.

Can I continue to use webMethods OneData after Oct 31, 2028?

webMethods OneData will still function. However, you will not be entitled to any support from Software AG, nor will webMethods OneData be available for download.

I am in the process of purchasing EME for my webMethods products and webMethods OneData is in the contract – how does the change in end of maintenance affect this?

It does not unless the only product licensed on your contract is webMethods OneData. End of Maintenance Extension is available at the product-level. In cases where a product includes multiple components and End of Maintenance Extension is required for one or more of the components, but not all components, End of Maintenance Extension must be taken on the entire product and not just a subset of its components. Likewise, if one or more products on a contract are at a version that has reached End of Maintenance, an End of Maintenance Extension is required for the entire contract.