End of Maintence / End of Support of WebMethods JIS 9.2

I am looking for the End of Maintenance / End of Support of WebMethods JIS 9.2. When does JIS 9.2 reach EOM and EOS?


JIS 9.2.1 is already out of support.
The only supported version of JIS is 9.2.2, we don’t have an End of Support date for this version yet.

Hi, Can you confirm what versions of JIS are supported on Microsoft OS 2012 or higher?

You can confirm this yourself from Empower (www.empower.softwareag.com) > Products and Documentation > Product Version Availability. Enter the product name (webMethods JIS) and select the Operating System (Windows Server 2012) and the result shows what Gadi indicated - there is no EOM/EOSS for this product at this time.

Product Family | Product - Product Version
? Operating System and Hardware * Version Lifecycle Milestone
GA OS Retirement EOM EOSS
ToggleProduct Family: Natural | webMethods JIS [JIS] 9.2.2
? Windows Server 2012 - x86-64 2017-04-27 2023-01-31 - -

JIS 9.2.2 supports Windows 2012.