webMethods 9.12 EOL


I want to find out when does the support ends for webMethods 9.12. This is so, we can decide when shall we upgrade and to which version.


Hi Sonali,

afaik, wM 9.12 is already out of regular support, but you can order extended support for it.

Current target release to migrate to should be 10.5, which has been released October 2019 and has 3 years of standard support.

This means you should start planning your upgrade now or at least as soon as possible if you want to avoid a two step migration via an intermediate release.

Check documentation on Empower for the Supported Upgrade Pathes Guide and the System Requirements Guide as well as the Adapters Systems Requirements Guide.


Hi, could you please inform me when does the extended support ends for webMethods 9.12.

Hi Cecilia,

this depends on the time for how long your license holder has acquired extended support.
As long as it is payed for extended support can be used. But the prices are increasing for every additionaly year.


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